Extend Your Tourism Season

As money becomes tighter, many families are taking shorter holidays and that results in a very compressed season. Whereas many destinations used to experience the biggest inflows on the 16th, the major inflows can now really be felt from around 20 December.

Kechi & Her Story

When aircraft crash survivor, Kechi, performs on America’s Got Talent there is a stark realisation for us as viewers, and for her as the performer, regarding the audience response.

Be Media Savvy

The front page screamed out with a super negative front-page headline about how much hosting the World Championship Sports Event would cost the ratepayers of the city.

Losing Events & Festivals

The town’s Tourism Board members had each planned their attack for the meeting. Their destination had just lost the right to being the starting point for a major international mountain bike event and they were not happy.

The Full Eclipse & You

The recent eclipse in America was quite a big deal. A friend went to a special stargazing gathering the night before. Hundreds of enthusiasts had gathered with their telescopes of all shapes and sizes.

Madiba for Tourism

A few weeks ago I wrote this paragraph in my blog. It came from the fact that 95% of entrepreneurs have not looked at their business vision for more than a year. Half of those don’t have a vision. I promised you more on vision and communication, so here goes (after you read the paragraph).