I want to serve and inspire local tourism entrepreneurs and their teams, as well as the local tourism offices that serve them.

I’ve spent a few decades of my life doing tourism marketing, striving to innovate and break the marketing clutter, and speaking to the most successful tourism marketers around the world. My passion now is to distill the best of what I’ve learnt into practical step-by-step lessons that will give you breakthrough results in tourism.

I am driven by a quest to bring a revolutionary focus to the local level of tourism. Why this focus, you may ask? Well, simply because this is the critical space where tourism happens, where products and experiences are delivered to our tourists.

These experiences are fast becoming the most influential driver of customer buying decisions in tourism and this customer-facing level is currently fragmented and lacks a team vision. So, I have decided to focus on this exciting challenge and be part of the solution.

My book, The Tourism Coach, is a passionate effort to communicate practical step-by-step actions that are easy to do and deliver results. Next, I would like to deliver inspiring and results-orientated talks in over 50 towns and cities and be part of creating a more engaged, connected and aligned local tourism level that works as a team to deliver authentic and engaging tourism experiences to the world.

I love giving people hope and bringing the best out in them! Let’s work together and create a positive and irresistible local tourism revolution.