After Easter

As the School holidays end, we often relax by taking a deep breath and slowly doing work that is repetitive and requires very little brain energy.

You do deserve a break. So, all good? Well nearly.

This is a time to let nature revitalise you. Sit on a rock at the sea, next to a waterfall or in a forest. Forget the issues of today and the future and quiet your mind. Just let nature wash over you and refresh you in the moment. We have become such an instant society that we forget to just live in the moment and enjoy it every now and then. It will make a huge difference to your well-being and your productivity.

One further opportunity for this period. Once you have gotten your mind into this relaxed state and that urgent little voice in your head is silenced, your brain is in its best state to be creative. A good idea is to look at tourism and productivity websites to browse for some good ideas to inspire your thinking. Then take an hour next week out of the office to dream and brainstorm about how you can improve your offering and choose two of these to develop gradually and implement for the July school holidays.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to go and share a few hours with Mother Nature.

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