Be Media Savvy

The front page screamed out with a super negative front-page headline about how much hosting the World Championship Sports Event would cost the ratepayers of the city.

The negative momentum created by unfavourable media coverage is hard to turn around. Invariably articles tell only a part of the truth and front-page the featuring of the article implies to readers that it is a catastrophe and that they should respond with the emotional spreading of the story amongst their friends and contacts. Social media goes into a frenzy and the pessimists have a field day.

Negative media coverage can have a profound effect on your brand. Poor website reviews and social media postings can sway your potential customers unless you respond appropriately.

When last did you spend some time creating a relationship with the media that might create a storm in your life?

You are never too small to be directly or indirectly affected by the media. If you doubt this, ask Penny Sparrow.

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