Photo Credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: Pixabay

“When I return to the same hotel for the third time in eighteen months, the people at the reception desk ask me again if this is my first stay with them. How is it possible in 2015 that the receptionist doesn’t know? She tells me, with a smile, not to forget the ‘wine hour’. Free wine for an hour every night before dinner is obviously the highlight of many a trip. So why am I expecting her to know that I don’t drink wine and to understand that her comment is completely irrelevant to me?

Easter, Market For Return Visits!

Tourism Destination boost

Have you considered that your Easter visitors could become your marketing department around South Africa?

PHOTO @ http://touristwedding.com/easter-traditions-from-around-the-world/

Photo Credit: http://touristwedding.com/easter-traditions-from-around-the-world/

Your Easter visitors are the easiest and cheapest targets to generate more visits throughout the year and to bring new visitors by them posting their experiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Get out of your own way!



We wake up every day with the opportunity to take our tourism to the next level. And yet every day we delay.

We get busy.

We wait for a good moment or more motivation.

We allow ourselves to become uncomfortable with change.

We argue that where we are is good enough.

In effect, we allowed the walls of our comfort zone to keep us in the same position.

Hell Yes!

Photo Credit: John Severson 1964 The most iconic surfing pic ever. Greg Noll, Waimea Bay.

Photo Credit: John Severson 1964 The most iconic surfing pic ever. Greg Noll, Waimea Bay.

Are you available to make this your best year ever? Will you do your bit to making local tourism a hero? Ease slightly out of your comfort zone and enjoy the tummy butterflies again?

They Will Check

Imagine this valuable scene with me for a moment.

A prospective tourism customer has just spent 10 minutes on your website and is excited about the wonderful experiences that you have described and the beautiful photos that you have posted. 10 years ago, they would have been hooked and booking their trip to you without much more consideration.