Does Your Tourism Marketing Copy Nature?

I loved the example from nature used by William Bakker in his last webinar.
He spoke about flowers and how they need to attract guests that would help them to reproduce the next generation of that flower species. Flowers use their beauty, colours and scents to attract the birds and bees that will carry their pollen to the flowers that will then initiate the creation of new life.

What I did not realise was that bees don’t visit all flowers. The flowers use different colours and scents to attract their specific group of pollen carriers. Certain shades of blue attract a certain group of birds, certain scents attract bees and so on. They have embraced the truth that ‘Something for everyone is nothing for anyone. They understand that, to survive, they have to target a segment of their pollination carrier market and provide them with the combination of colours and scents that are relevant and attractive to the members of that segment.

How awesome an insight is that for us as tourism marketers. Trying to be all things to all people will no longer work in our current tourism market, where customers have thousands of choices and are attracted by what is relevant to them and what stirs their emotions.

Its time to decide which groupings of visitors you want to attract and to create visuals and activities that will make them choose you over the other choices that they see on their devices.

Copy nature! It will ensure your survival and prosperity.


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