Extend Your Tourism Season

As money becomes tighter, many families are taking shorter holidays and that results in a very compressed season. Whereas many destinations used to experience the biggest inflows on the 16th, the major inflows can now really be felt from around 20 December.

Many of the activities that are organised to entertain visitors are squashed into this period and tend to end around 3 January. This is understandable as organisers hope for big crowds to flow from this period. Information offices are staffed up for this period and everyone seems to take a deep breath and scale down from 3 January.

So consider this tourism idea from The Tourism Coach.

There is certainly an opportunity for destinations to lengthen their summer season by running campaigns and incentives for the period after 3 January. Most schools throughout the country only go back on 11 January, leaving the opportunity to extend the season until this weekend. This period used to be a high occupancy time about a decade ago and could be leveraged by smart destinations.

A combination of holiday activities tailored to this period, offers such as get your fifth day free and targeted media campaigns could yield increasing numbers. The target markets could include those who want to avoid the crush of high season, those who could not get bookings during the high season, those who have to work later in the year, those who believed that they would not get leave over the season, those wanting to spend Christmas at home and those seeking better value for money.

Campaigns that target the high season seem unnecessary if there is no capacity available in the destination. Perhaps a bigger effort into the post- New Year market would yield a better return on investment.

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