Kechi & Her Story

When aircraft crash survivor, Kechi, performs on America’s Got Talent there is a stark realisation for us as viewers, and for her as the performer, regarding the audience response.

It is vital that she make an emotional connection with the audience at the theatre and the viewers of the televised show at home. The stark reality is that however many are fans are watching, the only ones that will vote for her are those with whom she makes an emotional connection. That connection is based on her story that is told in the video clip that introduces her, her live performance and the input from the judges after her performance.

In business, we spending so much time evaluating our marketing by the amount of views on our website and their browsing of our products, the amount of likes on our Facebook and the amount of people we reach with our email campaign. In measuring these items we forget that they are merely the first step in the process. Once you have their attention, the real measure is if they resonate with your story and the emotional connection causes them to take the next step in buying from us.

There are 3 steps to success when you watch Kechi. Firstly, her story is so engaging (initially reaching our market) and all elements of her performance are so compelling (our emotional response to her product content) that all it takes are positive comments from the judges (the endorsements from our current customers) to get us to buy her product by voting for her.

What is your compelling story that resonates with your prospects and moves them from browsers to customers? And do you even know your prospects well enough to know what will resonate with them?

If you have missed this inspirational young performer, watch her in the finals tonight or catch a previous performance on YouTube. You might just feel the secret ingredient of achieving the real results that you should be measuring!

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