Marketing In Our Instant Society

‘I want it all and I want it now!’ The Queen lyrics sum up one of the most dangerous pitfalls of marketing in todays over-communicated world.

We expect our campaign to build our brand, profile our products as different and desirable, and change people’s minds. The campaign should ultimately convince many in our target market to buy our product. We want quick wins and overnight success. The fact is that this scenario expects way too much, too quickly, and will inevitably lead to disappointment and question marks over the effectiveness of marketing.

The realistic marketer has a totally different approach. He knows that marketing is a commitment to the long journey. His strategy is based on getting to know his customers and anticipating how his offering can make their lives better. He tries to touch their emotions and make them feel that he is marketing experiences that they will love. Knowing your customers and how they feel will allow us to write clever and appropriate copy and add photos that resonate with their feelings and emotions.

Remember that it is like a man who wants to date a girl. He finds out as much as he can about her and then decides on a dating strategy that will attract her to him. He creates experiences and interactions that he knows will resonate with her and give him the best chance of securing a relationship with her.

We have all done this in our past, so we should naturally be able to use the same tactics in marketing to build trust with our potential customers. Remember that it is all about them and your task is to project an experience that they will love and will be prepared to pay money for.

So let’s date our customers! It might not deliver immediate results, but consistent marketing where we keep the desires and emotions of our potential customers as the focus will always trump efforts to achieve overnight success.

Remember that providing awesome customer experiences will turn your customers into your promoters. This costs very little and provides incredible returns on your efforts.

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