NB Time to be a Nation Builder

Photo credit – Ian Flemming (check out his awesome township photo walk)

Photo credit – Ian Flemming (check out his awesome township photo walk)

Transforming the tourism industry need not be a process that victimises you as a smallish tourism business and brings out your defensive army of emotions.

Newsflash – You don’t have to give away half of your business to participate in meaningfully being a partner in transformation. We can move past the reactionary mind-set typical of this topic, and take a few small actions that will help to rehabilitate our humanity, feel the thrill of making a difference and feeling significant.

So my appeal is be positive and proactive and consider my ideas below. I assure you that you will experience a high so special when you make yourself vulnerable, reach out and make a difference.

So, here are a few options for contributing to this exciting challenge:

  • Twin with a Community Tourism Business – chat to your LTO and then meet with a few prospective community partners. The major missing success factor that kills community tourism products is marketing and access to markets. Twin with one or two township products and undertake to carry their brochures at reception and in rooms. In addition, have your reception staff experience the product so that they can recommend it to your guests.
  • Marketing shows and trips – Take their brochures with on promotional trips and to shows, and promote your community partners as part of your experience.
  • Training spaces – invite staff from your community twins to attend the training you organise for your staff. Let your staff experience their product and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Refurb time – when you refurb your facility or business, find a community product that can use your ‘used’ goods. That furniture, beds, curtaining, cutlery and other goods could make a huge difference. You may even consider getting your suppliers to fit out one room at a township product as part of the deal to refurb your rooms.
  • Government stays – twin with a township operator on the hosting of guests paid for by your Municipality or District Council. Package room nights, trips or activities between the two of you and pitch for this business as a partnership. You will most likely get a boost in government business as a result of this.
  • Purchasing power – consider if there are local community businesses that you can get some of your supplies from. Skills to knit, sew, grow, etc. exist in our communities and they just need a sustainable demand to make a success of it.

Let’s bring a proactive end to the sense of alienation that so many of us feel in our country. Commit in your heart to a shared future and throw your first starfish back into the water. Let’s infuse hope into the lives of those whose reality has not really changed much in the new political dispensation. Just reach out – if you need guidance, send me a mail.

Be proactive and make a difference to a cause that will show your empathy and encourage building our country together. 

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