Pulling The Carpet From Under Our Feet

Feeling out of control is one of the worst things we can experience!

This is totally scary. Personally, my wife Bev has no immune system because of her meds for her Chrone’s Disease. I have been in a bit, actually a lot of a spin and I have been scouring the blogs I read and the news for something to grab onto.

This morning, on Bernadette Jiwa’s blog, I read about Hitesh Palta. He is not famous, does not have a huge social media following, is not a powerful politician or businessman. Nobody asked him for his advice on this crisis.

He owns a small grocery store in Australia. He saw the news about the panic buying and was concerned about what this would result in for older people. So he came up with his small act of caring and opened his store an hour earlier in the morning, exclusively for elderely shoppers. This was almost immediately picked up by Australia’s 2 biggest supermarket chains and they followed suit. I see that Pick N Pay are now doing the same here, good for them!

I do not want to be self-righteous in this devastating time! But could we as tourism make a difference to those who are even more at risk than us? Could we speak to our suppliers about contributing food and us using our kitchens and a skeleton staff to prepare meals for vulnerable people in our suburb? It does not have to be meals, it could be anything that makes a difference. Some will follow our example and our initiative will make a huge difference in our communities.

Just a last thought. Of course our focus is not on benefitting in a financial sense from this. But, I have a feeling that our world and our customers will be changed by this crisis. I suspect that huge loyalty will be evident for those who show that they care and are prepared to make a difference, even when they are having the carpet pulled from under their business.

I will post thoughts on days that I see great ideas and initiatives. I know you are being flooded with stuff but it makes me feel as though I am contributing and I just want to add value to you. 

Stay safe everyone! Bev and I will have you in our prayers.

Your Tourism Coach, Shaun

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