Tell Customers Their Story

It sounds a bit weird, but bear with me and all will be revealed
The biggest mistake tourism marketers make is to decide what their product offers and telling customers about itself based on these features. That was fine 10 years ago, but the formula for success has changed.

It’s like telling stories to your children. When you choose a story to read to your 3 year old at bedtime, would you choose an article from The Economist magazine on the macro economic trends behind the change in the value of government bonds in Nigeria? Of course you wouldn’t and therein lies the most important bit of wisdom for tourism marketers. You would not read your child the article because he or she has no interest in this story and it is told without any consideration of their interests and state of life. You would also not read the same story to your eleven year old, as you did to your 3 year old, to attract their attention and have them listen attentively.

So if we can get it right for our kids, why can’t we get it right for our customers?

Your success does not depend on the list of features of your product, but rather how well your marketing efforts connect with your customers. Stories are the essence of modern tourism marketing and they are the basis of connecting with the emotions of our customer segment and causing them to act.

There are 2 hugely important factors for success that arise from this. Firstly, you need to acknowledge that people are different like your 2 kids are. So you should divide your customers into segments based on their interests and what connects with their emotions. Most importantly, as with your children, you should base your story to them on their interests and what resonates with them.

Got it? Find out what their story is and then tell your story in a way that resonates with them and makes you part of their final consideration and choice.

All you do with your children is to think about what they will respond to and then choose a story that they will enjoy and create an emotional connection between the two of you. So how about doing the same with your customers?

Yes, it will take time and effort. But you are not on a reality show where success happens overnight. So start the journey, step by step, and reach for a deeper understanding of your customers and the story you should tell to turn them into your visitors.


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