Prof Ernie Heath – Educator, Facilitator and Consultant in Tourism Destination Management and Marketing

The Tourism Coach is a welcome addition to the knowledge base in the tourism sphere. The author’s passion and extensive experience in the tourism industry over many years, as well as his hands-on approach, is apparent throughout the book, which is easy to read and filled with useful practical guidelines, suggestions and innovative ideas. It will not only be valuable and appeal to private sector tourism stakeholders and prospective entrepreneurs, but also to public sector destination management and marketing organisations at the local, regional and provincial levels in this very exciting and dynamically changing field.

Annareth Bolton, CEO of Stellenbosch Wine Routes.

This book is a great practical guide for entrepreneurs and newcomers. It is an affordable option to up your knowledge, and it can be done quickly.
I will even go so far as to say that it is a good refresher for all of us who have worked in tourism for many years. We get so engulfed by deadlines, budgets, expectations, travel schedules and e-mails that we sometimes forget the basics. I particularly like the templates which the author introduces at the back of the book. It really becomes a step-by-step guide, as promised in the intro on the back cover.

From JH Hospitality Group Attendees

After the meeting I changed my attitude towards my staff as well and tried to understand their way of thinking. I am getting better at it every day and every day I am learning more and more about the staff and their problems.

It was a well organised, informative, motivational workshop that made me believe more in myself and gave me the courage to accept changes and to have a positive approach in all aspects of the business and to gain and show trust in my staff. I never thought that i would be able to have trust in staff, but this workshop changed my attitude completely. I now need to focus on bringing out the best of each of them. Implementation will now be the vital tool here.

I have been struggling with my “WHY” lately and have been trying various ways to motivate the staff and management. I started on Monday, imparting this coaching with the managers and waiters with great success.

The workshops include a workbook with templates to guide the implementation of the concepts by attendees. They also contain many practical examples of legendary successful service delivery in action.

Cheryl Witte – Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism

The content was outstanding and well received by all delegates (judging by the positive feedback received afterwards), and certainly added a stimulating perspective and focus on service in the hospitality industry. I honestly felt that the workshop content was excellent quality and added a great deal of value to our membership function.