The Look


The activity provider takes his customers through the 3 hours of his experience. It seemed to go well, but he is not sure. Then, as his customers are busy leaving, he sees it on the face of the German guest: The Look.

‘The Look’ is the gateway to a successful business. It means that the  has turned the guest into a promoter of his business. It is the confirmation that the experience has touched her emotions, and positive emotions are the holy grail of success in tourism. She will now become a storyteller to her social network and will probably post a glowing review on TripAdvisor.

We used to call this word-of-mouth and it was a nicety to have. The difference now is that our connected community has made it our primary purchasing influencer. We can still advertise our destination and products with our bought adverts and editorials, but the fact is that the stories shared by our visitors by far outnumber our messages. The stories of our customers, and their ratings, are trusted much more by our potential customers.

We need to focus on customer engagement and learn more about how our experience is touching the emotions and expectations of our clients. Throughout their journey through a destination, our customers are interacting with aspects of it and sharing their experiences as they go.

When last did you consider improving your experience to better connect with your customers in a personal and emotional way? This question applies to every product in the destination visit flow. Have you spent time finding out more about what aspects of the experience touch your customers and how you can delight them by adjusting their activity with you? Don’t wait for your numbers to decline before you do this. Chat to them while you are doing well and keep your momentum growing upwards.

The simple fact is that your visitor stories improve as your experience improves. It could be time for you to allocate an hour a week on telling and achieving better stories. It is the new and dominant influencer of a prosperous business.

Besides, there are few business moments better than getting ‘The Look’.

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