They Will Check

Imagine this valuable scene with me for a moment.

A prospective tourism customer has just spent 10 minutes on your website and is excited about the wonderful experiences that you have described and the beautiful photos that you have posted. 10 years ago, they would have been hooked and booking their trip to you without much more consideration.

Today, the digital revolution has added two significant steps to the tourist’s purchase journey.

The first step is to check the social media postings of their online friends and community to view the comments made by people who have already experienced your tourism offering. Remember that they trust this source of information more than your website.

80% of potential customers will also take step 2 by consulting a tourism rating site such as TripAdvisor to get more input from people who have experienced the reality of your promises.

Tourists have this freedom to check on the experiences from other users and this has led to the staggering statistics that less than 19% of potential customers now visit destination or product websites, while over 80% visit TripAdvisor at some stage during their purchase journey. 

While this does not mean that you should not have a compelling tourism website, it is clear that the dynamics have changed and that we have to adapt to this new customer reality.

Have you changed the way you promote your product or destination? At The Tourism Coach we have developed workshops to improve the quality of the tourism experiences of your current customers and of unwrapping the secret to achieving bookings through this powerful new phenomenon of recommendation marketing.

It’s all about the visitor experience and ensuring that your current customers become your most powerful promoters.

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