What Drives Online Travelers?

As more and more visitors prepare and book their travel online, it is important to come to terms with their decision journey and what motivates them.

As they are a new grouping of customers that have a common booking behavior, we tend to see them as a uniform category that we treat the same in our marketing tactics. We tend to focus on their generic requirements such as online booking availability and strong ratings on sites such as TripAdvisor.

What often escapes us is that they are not alike. In contrast, they are similar to our familiar clients. They have different interests, motivations and needs. They just book differently once they are committed to us.

Expedia recently commissioned a survey of the preferences, priorities, attitudes and influences of 1000 online travellers. As an example of what surprised me is that only 8% of Chinese travelers said social media does not influence their decision-making process.

So, like any effective tourism promotional campaign, we need to approach this market with the mind-set that their booking method could be the only behaviour that they share as a group.

So what effect will this have on your marketing to tourists who book online?You can see the rest of the Expedia report by going to: https://info.advertising.expedia.com/multi-national-travel-trends-in-the-tourism-industry

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