We Need Another Hero


The angry university student replies to the lecturer “You have too much Mandela in your head, Prof. Nobody listens to us until we burn something.” In that moment, the Professor is struck by how our political leaders have regressed from being leaders to being bosses. It saddens him that young people have been moulded into the values of self-gratification and violence by those who should be their positive role models.

The Power Of Purpose


The American visitor rushes to the toilets in the international arrivals baggage claim area. The flight has been long, he could not sleep and he is tired and irritated. As he enters the male toilets, the attendant smiles at him and says ‘Welcome to my office!’ He welcomes the visitor to South Africa and says that he keeps the toilets clean and inviting for visitors like him. The visitor who emerges from the toilets is transformed. He has a smile on his face and feels valued at the beginning of his tour.