How Good Initiatives Go Down The Wrong Track

A very bold initiative to produce a strategic marketing plan for a city veered onto a well-used track that represents the graveyard of many tourism campaigns. The sizeable group enthusiastically contributed their ideas on projects that could benefit the city in the short-term. They were largely initiatives that had been spoken about for years, most of which were similar to larger attractions in our competitive cities.

Does Your Tourism Marketing Copy Nature?

I loved the example from nature used by William Bakker in his last webinar.
He spoke about flowers and how they need to attract guests that would help them to reproduce the next generation of that flower species. Flowers use their beauty, colours and scents to attract the birds and bees that will carry their pollen to the flowers that will then initiate the creation of new life.

Tell Customers Their Story

It sounds a bit weird, but bear with me and all will be revealed
The biggest mistake tourism marketers make is to decide what their product offers and telling customers about itself based on these features. That was fine 10 years ago, but the formula for success has changed.

LTO’s must adapt to new roles

There has been much debate over the future role of LTO’s (Local Tourism Organisations – Tourism marketing and info offices) and DMO’s. (Destination Marketing Organisations) The reality is that they have never been more important, as long as they can adapt to the new roles that they will need to adopt to grow their destinations. The quality of tourism experiences delivered their local products is now be the greatest driver of tourist decisions to visit their destination and its products.