They Will Check

Imagine this valuable scene with me for a moment.

A prospective tourism customer has just spent 10 minutes on your website and is excited about the wonderful experiences that you have described and the beautiful photos that you have posted. 10 years ago, they would have been hooked and booking their trip to you without much more consideration.

Change Your Words

The owner of the Guest House was at his wit’s end to discover why his occupancies remained at below 20%. He had selected a prime location in the middle of the town’s prime tourism district. The sign at the front of his establishment, and his website, proudly promoted the aspects that he believed visitors were looking for, being low prices, great customer service and the best position and views.

Your Year Of Privilege

I want you to imagine that you are an airline pilot. I want you to put yourself in the shoes of an actual pilot on this day. The pilot has the responsibility, but more importantly, the wonderful opportunity of being an influencer in the lives of his or her passengers.

Extend Your Tourism Season

As money becomes tighter, many families are taking shorter holidays and that results in a very compressed season. Whereas many destinations used to experience the biggest inflows on the 16th, the major inflows can now really be felt from around 20 December.

Kechi & Her Story

When aircraft crash survivor, Kechi, performs on America’s Got Talent there is a stark realisation for us as viewers, and for her as the performer, regarding the audience response.

Be Media Savvy

The front page screamed out with a super negative front-page headline about how much hosting the World Championship Sports Event would cost the ratepayers of the city.