Change Your Words

The owner of the Guest House was at his wit’s end to discover why his occupancies remained at below 20%. He had selected a prime location in the middle of the town’s prime tourism district. The sign at the front of his establishment, and his website, proudly promoted the aspects that he believed visitors were looking for, being low prices, great customer service and the best position and views.

A browse through the websites of information offices throughout our country demonstrates a similar trend amongst accommodation listings that limit the success of the businesses. There are 2 reasons why the listing of obvious and attractive phrasing from the past is ineffective in our new tourism conditions:

  1. There is much more competition than in the past. If many of your competitors are offering similar benefits, you are stuck in the pack and you will struggle to breaking through the clutter and stand out above your competitors. You have ignored the most basic principle in marketing, being competitive advantage.
  2. The latest brain cognition research shows that the brain ignores common phrases in its efforts to process the vast amounts of information we experience every second of our days. Your customers’ brains do not even notice your overused wording and you are eliminated before even being in the game.

As The Tourism Coach, one of the most mind-blowing examples of this principle is the story of the beggar who has his world changed by a passer-by.

It’s a must-watch and you can access it by clicking this link

Is it time to change your words? Whether you are a product or do destination marketing, how could this make a difference to your results?

More on competitive advantage in next week’s tourism blog. If you want more depth and step-by-step guides on how to implement this successfully, you can order my book The Tourism Coach on my website on

It is jam-packed with lessons and knowledge on how to be super-successful in your tourism venture.

Have a power-packed autumn with super-sized results as you learn more and more about standing out from the pack. 


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