Future-proof Your Tourism Business

People queue once again at the restaurant that reopened last week in Knysna.

The brand was close to the hearts of its customers before it burnt down. These customers were loyal because it had provided an experience that made them feel good and that they could take their visitors too with pride. It had become an icon of Knysna by adopting the DNA of the town.

While some of the features were similar, something dramatic had changed. There was an extra wing, open to the guest areas, where staff enjoyed their meals from the menu.  Guests could mingle with the staff. There was also a prominent water fountain in the guest seating area where staff could enjoy a glass of water during their shifts.

The materials for the beautiful staff uniforms were uniquely drawn from local suppliers. The whole new dynamic that was created by working on the business had future-proofed the business. The innovations had made the staff feel part of the experience and the result was engaged and spontaneous customer service experiences that enhanced the whole customer experience at Ile de Pain.

The striking dynamic is that the owner, Marcus, does not do this simply for business reasons. He has decided to make a difference in our country that features scandals and power-hungry leaders. He believes that if we each make a positive difference, we can build the type of South Africa that we dream about.







Many nodes of authentic excellence will create the momentum for a great future.

When last did you think deeply about innovating and adding value to your offering in whatever type of business you are running? The tourism industry has been dramatically disrupted in the last few years and this trend will accelerate in the future.

Think about the Millennials and the Black Diamonds who will dominate your customer profile within the next 5 years. As with Ile de Pain, the first step is to innovate to create extreme loyalty with your current customers. This will set you up to innovate to gain loyalty with these new customer segments by delivering the experiences that touch their emotions and turn them into your promoters.

It’s easy. See your customers as your Bosses and do your best to please them! 

You can read a great article on Millennials by clicking on this link http://www.mytravelresearch.com/what-happens-when-millennials-grow-up/

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