Get Off Your Bum

Have you taken the time to look at how your inbound operators profile your destination, your products and activities? 

This is the first thing you should do before you go to a show like Indaba or host tour operators.

As the Tourism Coach I would suggest that you do two things in you operator tourism marketing:

  1. Check to what extent they are carrying your destination and how they are profiling it. There is nothing wrong with targeting operators who do not carry itineraries that include you. I would, however, suggest that you prioritise operators who already carry elements of your destination.Build your personal relationship, update them on new opportunities and give them feedback on your visitors’ social media postings and their reviews of their experiences. Embrace a mutually beneficial business relationship with them. Remember that your competitors ‘hard sell’ them most of the time, so be different and touch their emotions, letting them feel that you genuinely care about them and their success.
  2. I honestly believe that the majority of tour operators are too focussed on making as much profit as possible. Most often they are light on innovating their offerings and focussing on the value that they add to their customers’ lives through the tourism experiences provided.You can lead the destination pack by offering them the products in your destination that have raised their offerings from services to experiences. Encourage your products to provide experiences that stand out and will result in postings on social media. Be the change that you would like your tour operators to be.

Remember, as always, that the meeting with your operators is like a date with the person you would like to go out with. Get to know what gets them passionate, see how they currently feel about your product and make the date irresistible.

Should you and your products want to be coached on how to build your offering into an experience that will turn your visitors into your promoters, give us a call or send an email to find out more about our Tourism Coach workshop called Creating Tourism Experiences. 

Go on, be awesome and date some Tour Operators this June, July and August. They don’t have many dates and they will happily spend one-on-one time with you.

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