Photo Credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: Pixabay

“When I return to the same hotel for the third time in eighteen months, the people at the reception desk ask me again if this is my first stay with them. How is it possible in 2015 that the receptionist doesn’t know? She tells me, with a smile, not to forget the ‘wine hour’. Free wine for an hour every night before dinner is obviously the highlight of many a trip. So why am I expecting her to know that I don’t drink wine and to understand that her comment is completely irrelevant to me?

My Airbnb host meets my oldest son so that she can give him the keys to her apartment to prepare for the arrival of the rest of the family in Sydney the following week. They have a cup of tea together and she discovers that we love good coffee and might use the local gym, so she plots the great coffee places on a map, stocks up on Nespresso pods, and leaves her gym membership card out for us, just in case we feel like using it.”

These are 2 paragraphs from the brilliant Bernadette Jiwe’s book Meaningful: The story of ideas that fly. You may be a little defensive if you are a hotel owner or CEO but her idea is simply to show how easily we can disrupt and create competitive advantage if we take some time to work on our business, and not exclusively in it.

At The Tourism Coach we subscribe to the practice of whispering ‘I see you’ to our customers. This as opposed to our actions as marketers screeching ‘LOOK AT ME.’

Will you take some time to take some time to work ‘ON’ your business or job tasks if you are employed? There are so many ways that you can use your awesome mind to leap over your competition, impress your Board or just feel good about yourself.

Do it once for an hour away from the office. And then at least once more! Your subconscious brain tends to think about a situation after you have started considering a topic. It’s that thing of it coming to you in the shower (or maybe during your next brainstorm). As tourism consultants and neuroscience fans we emphasize the huge benefits of this ‘ON’ culture.

Need some inspiration? During The Tourism Coach Workshop on turning your visitors into your world-wide marketing team, we talk about dating your customers. Maybe that would be a good idea generator at your first hour session.

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