New Year Success Starts Here

You are probably exhausted from a busy summer holiday season! So in my first blog of the year, there will be just one idea for you to ponder in January.

This process is a vital step in being more successful in 2017.

So, as you recover your spark during January, open a folder or a page in your diary for evaluation of your activities in 2016. Be honest with yourself and review the things that did not work well in 2016.

This is the most crucial step in fast-tracking your success in 2017. Consider the reasons that it did not work and see if there are lessons to be learnt from this. There may even be recurring themes that flow through these projects that will empower you to improve these skills during this year.

Invest a little time each day to build this task and you will be amazed how it gives you a helicopter view for 2017.

I’m over New Year’s wishes. They are so focussed on the first few days of the year. Instead, let me wish you a prosperous and fulfilling year of making a difference to the lives of other people!

The Tourism Coach Blogs and Toolkits will start once again in late January. I look forward to a year with you that will launch Local Tourism into the top priority that it deserves. We are the champions of the tourism experiences that will turn our visitors into our marketing department.

Here’s to a year filled with revolutionary initiatives and lots of laughter!


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