Purple Cow??

This has to be the most ridiculous title for a book, right?

The greatest marketing author of all time had lost it! I mean, who would risk their reputation by writing a book called Purple Cow? At The Tourism Coach, we had rated Seth Godin as a legend in marketing but what had happened?

How many times have we missed out on some great opportunities because we were in a rush or thought that another opinion was not worth considering? I am at the top of that class and my first response to Purple Cow was one of my absolute lowlights! I just dismissed it without giving it a chance.

After years of ignoring this book, I was nudged to read a few pages by a blog that I follow and trust. Purple Cow talks about how, once we’ve driven past a field or two of brown cows, we stop noticing them. 

In order to get your product or destination to stand out in the market and be immediately noticeable, you need to make it a purple cow, or completely different and eye-catching.

Godin argues that today there are too many average things for our customers to choose from, that the only way to cut the huge and confusing clutter of products and promotion today is to innovate something new, unique and remarkable – like a purple cow.

Be warned. Not standing out is choosing to be invisible to your potential new customers! 

What is your Purple Cow that makes you stand out?

Here is a link to the Purple Cow video in which Seth chats about some thoughts on standing out and boosting your business. As a tourism consultant, who is constantly looking for new ideas to enhance tourism marketing, I would highly encourage you to invest just the 5 minutes it will take to watch it.

My apologies, Seth, for doubting you! Never again J

Enjoy your build-up to Easter!



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