Scary Kangaroos And Tsitsikamma’s Fairy Tale

You could have seen my tell-tale nervous twitches if you watched closely. I love and admire the Tsitsikamma’s inspirational journey to success. Now I was about to tell them that it was THE END OF TOURISM AS WE KNOW IT.

Enter the kangaroo. A fairy tale would never be popular if there were not a baddie who had to be stopped in a seemingly impossible position. In this case, the baddie is a scary arrogant Aussie Giant Kangaroo that wants to steal our tourism crown. Not only do we hate being beaten by Aussies! This time they are aiming to steal the World Cup of Tourism from under our noses.

This is how the story goes. The Aussies are jealous that they do not have lions and rhino and elephants. So they have bred the Frankenstein of wildlife! This giant kangaroo is taller than our giraffes and even has an Aussie twang to its growl.

So the Aussies are using these awful villains to distract us from their plans to steal our tourists by creating more desirable tourism experiences that these visitors will tell all of their friends and contacts about. While we focus on the horrible kangaroo, they are training their tourism product owners how to turn their visitors into their promoters.

So, we urgently need a hero to save us. Are you ready to step up?

You will need to be fearless if you are going to beat the Aussie baddie. You will need to learn the art of creating the tourism experiences that most international visitors are now looking for. You must master the inspiring art of using storytelling in your digital marketing efforts and as part of your other promotions such as consumer expos. We are relying on you to defeat that baddie and save our Tourism Crown.

A bit dramatic you might wonder? Well, that’s how Fairy Tales work. And the pressure was now huge as I faced the product owners of the Tsitslkamma with my one and only opportunity to convince them of the dangers we faced and get them to join the hero army.

I finished the presentation. I sensed the enormity of the moment. It all hinged on this.

They chose to do hero training and showed their support as one. The Tsitsikamma ECTOUR committee chose to organise the workshop. So did the committees in the Wild Coast, the Karoo Heartland, the Amathole Mountain Escape, the Sunshine Coast Route 72, the Kouga Surf and Safari and the Addo Sundays River area.

It’s part of my quest as The Tourism Coach to turn our local tourism stakeholders into tourism superheroes. The Eastern Cape has taken the lead. Anyone else ready to conquer the horrible Aussie kangaroo baddie? (and the cricket, rugby and netball teams).

Drop me a mail at for more info on these tourism workshops that will create superheroes.

Till next week. Beware of those comfort zones and same old ways of doing things. Therein lurk the Aussie villains.

This video is awesome in helping you to tell better stories in promoting your product.

Filmmaker Andrew Stanton (“Toy Story”, “Finding Nemo” “WALL-E”) shares what he knows about storytelling — starting at the end and working back to the beginning. NB. There is a joke with graphic language in the beginning so do not watch if you are easily offended or are sensitive to one sentence of bad language.


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