The Busy Have No Vision

Thirty delegates looked expectantly as they sought an immediate solution to the average performances of their businesses. They were searching for that golden bullet, the aha moment, that would result in overnight success. I asked them the same first question that I do that all of my workshops. ‘Who has looked at their business Vision in the last week?’ One hand went up. ‘In the last month?’ No hands. ‘The last six months?’ No hands. ‘In the last year?’ No hands.

My sample of research with the employees of eight of the businesses highlighted one weakness that dominated all other weaknesses. Communication. The same weaknesses were evident at a workshop of tourism businesses when discussing ways to improve their relationship with their LTO.

It’s an amazing trend. How can we achieve success in our businesses if we do not even know where we are going? What will motivate these owners and officials when things become difficult and confusing for them and their employees or stakeholders? The business trap becomes all the more powerful if effective communication does not take place. ‘The result is the lack of motivation from the staff members and stakeholders, and negative culture that develops in its absence and a lack of team culture within the business.

No wonder they are so many mediocre businesses. Having no vision is like a large ship sailing without a rudder. It has no desired destination and is simply buffeted by the changes in winds and currents of the sea. Imagine if the captain did not communicate effectively with his crew. The crew would just do the minimum that they had to and would eventually grow dissatisfied and consider mutiny.

The great thing is that these are two problems that can be worked on and delivered within a month of the workshop. They can have a dramatically positive effect on the motivation of all concerned in the business, and the development of the team culture where excellence is owned by all concerned.

So, when last did you look at your Vision? Do you even have one that sustains you through the challenging times of business. Do you communicate effectively with your staff members or stakeholders and allow them opportunities to excel in pursuing the vision and objectives of the company or LTO?

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