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It is time for Local Tourism to become the biggest priority for all tourism stakeholders and policy makers in South Africa.

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The power of influence over our South African tourism brand has moved dramatically, from being dominated by our marketing tools and efforts, to being driven by our customers and what they say about us on referral sites and on social media. Our customers will determine our future reputation and prosperity as a world destination, based on the local tourist experiences that they are exposed to.

Our competitors have recognized this major trend and are creating local competitive advantage over us by running initiatives to meet these customer expectations.

So why should I worry, you may ask? Well, simply because we are becoming dangerously old-fashioned in our style and delivery of tourism experiences and this is reducing our value and competitiveness. Some entrepreneurs are responding, but the majority of our experiences are lagging.

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We are all dependent on the brand that we produce for SA as a collective or team and our destinies are joined. We need to lift the practical skills of our willing local tourism offices that are mostly under-resourced for the critical role they need to play in the new tourism realities. This is especially true of in towns that need tourism to sustain their local economies and employment.

We need to inspire our local tourism products to share a common vision and work together to transform the approach from a survival mindset into a thriving and abundance mindset. We need to lift our general marketing and customer service finesse amongst our tourism entrepreneurs across the country and help them to anticipate and meet the future experience dreams of our customers.

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This is not a platform for gripers and finger-pointers. It is a forum for positive people to share thoughts about what action we can take to accelerate results and break the apathy that holds much of local tourism in the grip of mediocrity.

It’s a time to be proud, be inspiring, be visionary and combine our talents and resources to create legendary results!

I will do my part by regularly posting thought-provoking and implementable ideas and inviting others who act with excellence to do the same.

We will all suffer if we do not prioritise the local tourism challenges, so let’s drive this revolution and make a massive improvement that benefits the ordinary entrepreneurs and employees out there.

The Local Tourism Revolution – Awesome tourism experiences are our oxygen!

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