Their Business Has Disappeared

Image by Thomas Hawk

Do you remember Billy Joel’s hit song Just the Way you Are? And do you remember the Kodak Moment?

Sadly, the management of Kodak must have believed that it was their customers singing the first line of the song to them. It went “Don’t go changing to try to please me.” That was their second mistake in the late seventies.

The first mistake, two years earlier, was their response to their engineer who took his invention to them. He had created the first digital camera and the management response to him was ‘that’s cute—but don’t tell anyone about it.’

By the mid-eighties Kodak was being eaten by Japanese camera companies and went bankrupt. The company that created the iconic concept of ‘The Kodak Moment’ had made two mistakes and died in a spectacular stockmarket crash.

So how are you and your destination doing on these poisened arrows?

Do you believe your customers are singing that Billy Joel song to you? Really? When last did you think deeply about how you could add value to your visitors’ experience and raise yourself above your competition? And secondly, have you thought about how the disruptive trends in the tourism industry are creating opportunities for you to thrive?

The only place you do not want to be is inside your Comfort Zone. If you are not stepping out of it, you are heading for a Kodak crash!

I loved my presentation to the PE Bed & Breakfast Association last week! It highlighted ideas from The Tourism Coach workshops on Creating Promoters for your Business through authentic and immersive experiences, and how to take advantage of this through Tourism Content Strorytelling. These will soon be rolled out, with brand workshops, in businesses in 7 nodes in the Eastern Cape. Are your leaders being this proactive?

Till next week.



PS A huge Mexican Wave (not Donald Trump’s favourite activity) to the President for his tourism highlights during SONA last week. Will you do a Madiba and see a bright future on the horizon?

I’m in Sir!

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