Tourism Indaba Needles In a Haystack Of Boring Stands

Tens of millions of rand was spent on Indaba stands this year.

But for all of that investment, few had embraced the tactic of storytelling to stand out from the endless crowd of stands in the 2 exhibition centres.


They had some very beautiful photos. But the problem is that the majority of stands have beautiful photos. It becomes a blur of sameness that causes your brain to ignore these images and desperately look for something different and innovative.

I walked both halls ready to photograph examples of wonderful standouts for you and only found a few. The best was the stand in the 2 photos in this blog.

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife combined beautiful images (focused on the visitor in the destination) with emotive storytelling on its displays. Many people stopped to read them and I would award them The Tourism Coach ‘Indaba Stand for 2018’

It’s amazing how far we are from best practise in the world! If our 5-in-5 SA Tourism strategy is to come close to its objective, we need to wake up to moving to the forth level of delivery by creating compelling tourism experiences and promoting them through the medium of storytelling.

At The Tourism Coach we have developed workshops on both of these topics that are practical step-by-step examples of what the best products and destinations in the world are doing in their content. We have spent thousands of hours researching and developing these workshops and know they will lift you above the mist of sameness.

So, what about the DMC’s, wholesalers and online booking distributors who promote and sell this sameness?

Mmm.. Let’s consider that in next week’s blog.

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