Tourism Lessons From a Monk

I love reading the blogs from Robin Sharma, author of ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari.’ His books are a real inspiration and one of my biggest success habits from him is his Morning Big 5. 

So often I find that my day becomes an absolute blur and by the end of it I feel as though I have achieved very little that stands out as meaningful progress. Know the feeling? The Morning Big 5 has made a huge difference in my productivity.

It’s a simple habit. All that you do is take a few minutes at home after you wake up (or after your tasks like making breakfast for your guests) and write down 5 tasks, that if you achieve them, your day will have been worthwhile. Make some tasks ones that will move your business forward.

Depending on your day, you can decide the size of the tasks, but don’t skip this habit on any days. Whatever happens you must have five. This allows your brain to focus on them. Put the list in a visible place on your desk and tick them off as you do them.

The best thing is the great sense of achievement you feel at the end of the day at having made progress! Make this a habit and you could achieve at least 1500 tasks in a year.

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