We Need Another Hero


The angry university student replies to the lecturer “You have too much Mandela in your head, Prof. Nobody listens to us until we burn something.” In that moment, the Professor is struck by how our political leaders have regressed from being leaders to being bosses. It saddens him that young people have been moulded into the values of self-gratification and violence by those who should be their positive role models.

We all look for heroes throughout our lifetime. We aspire to those who show us that good conquers evil and that we can dream and fly to great heights. We need leaders who can model the type of values that caused a nation to embrace Madiba. We need a return on our emotional and financial investment as we commit to trusting those to whom we have transferred our trust.

So, have you ever though of your customers as individuals who have financially and emotionally invested in you? Could they be hoping for a hero who will aspire to the highest value of giving them an unforgettable experience. Visitors have invested in you and should get an excellent return, not just the transactional and mediocre process that is delivered to all clients.

We need to view our customers as investors who trust us to do our best for them. Maybe we should view them as our Bosses and do all we can to impress them with meaningful interactions that surprise and delight. When last did a guest see you as a hero and tell you how they were inspired by you? What 3 things can you do from today to move toward someone who appreciates the investment and expectations of a dream trip?

Come on Tourism Superhero, its time to WOW your Boss!

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