Shaun’s talks and one-day workshops are a wonderful blend of inspiration and practical, easy to implement principles and actions that will take your business and team to the next level and keep them innovating into the future.


Turn your customers into your best promoters.

A breakthrough approach that will create authentic customer service from engaged employees. Based on deep research with both employees and customers, this is a must for Bosses and Managers.


Tourists no longer buy products or services, they buy tourism experiences.

Learn how to add emotional interactions to your tourism offerings that will create the deeply personal moments of delight that lead to raving fan website referrals and hot social media postings.


Resonate with your customers and explode your marketing results.

A practical and easy-to-implement set of marketing tactics that will lead you through the steps to market effectively and maximise your return on marketing efforts. So user-friendly and backed up by a progressive set of guiding templates.

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The content was outstanding and well received by all delegates (judging by the positive feedback received afterwards), and certainly added a stimulating perspective and focus on service in the hospitality industry. I honestly felt that the workshop content was excellent quality and added a great deal of value to our membership function.

Cheryl Witte – Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism

After the meeting I changed my attitude towards my staff as well and tried to understand their way of thinking. I am getting better at it every day and every day I am learning more and more about the staff and their problems. It was a well organised, informative, motivational workshop that made me believe […]

From JH Hospitality Group Attendees

This book is a great practical guide for entrepreneurs and newcomers. It is an affordable option to up your knowledge, and it can be done quickly. I will even go so far as to say that it is a good refresher for all of us who have worked in tourism for many years. We get […]

Annareth Bolton, CEO of Stellenbosch Wine Routes.